Flamingo Bay Accommodation

Water Chalets
Our luxury water chalets are spacious and well appointed with balcony, wide opening sliding doors and air-conditioning. The chalets and furniture are constructed from beautiful local hardwoods fromMozambique. Each chalet is situated on stilts in the crystal clear tidal waters ofInhambaneBay. Sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and boating may be enjoyed directly from each chalet.

Main Building
The main building and chalets are connected by wooden walkways where golf carts are available to ferry guests. The main building can also be accessed from the land and is fronted by the tidal waters of the bay. A secure parking area is available for guests vehicles.

The well positioned restaurant, overlooking the Barra estuary,  offers scrumptious meals with whatever seafood has been caught locally, and served fresh.   We regularly have fresh prawns, crab and calamari.  For those non-seafood lovers there is always another choice, either a meat or chicken dish.

The comfortable lounge allows one to relax in a peaceful environment while enjoying a drink or light snack.

Conference Centre
A spacious air-conditioned conference centre seats 60 guests comfortably. More information may be obtained from the reservations office in this regard.