Flamingo Bay Attractions

Nearby attractions of Flamingo Bay are beaches such as Tofo and Barra, as well as the misty Inhambane city. Tofo is a small beach town attracting water babies with its beach bars and dive schools.Tofo is known as the whale shark mecca.

Barra beaches border the Inhambane estuary and are secluded and unspoilt. Barra beaches attract all beach body types like snorkellers, tanners and boogie borders.

Inhambane Attractions


Scuba diving in Inhambane is particularly popular in locations such as Manta Reef and Gallaria. Ocean giants like Manta Rays and Whale sharks are regularly seen here. For those just wanting lazy beach bliss, Inhambane has two protective sandy headlands which form a sandbank.

Waterless things to do in Inhambane include museum visits and market shopping. The museums showcase this sleepy town’s history and heritage. Inhambane city is known for its rusting colonial architecture and stories. The central market is located along the main boulevard and is called, “Mercado Central”. It offers numerous foods, ranging from colorful spices and vegetables, to prawns and cashew nuts. The experience is like riding a vintage bicycle to go get your groceries. It’s slow paced and neotenous.